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Marvellous Moths Morning

Join us this Sunday morning (22nd May) to discover the moths that visit and thrive at Knowetop Lochs Nature Reserve.

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Phots by Alison Roberstsons and Jack Barnet

Not all moths fly at night, some fly in daytime, like the stunning Emperor Moth (below).

The aptly named Emperor Moth is the UK’s largest moth, and one of the most stunning too. The day-flying males, which have bright orange hindwings and four distinctive eyespots, are attracted to the special scent that females release as they rest in the vegetation. As these are moths of moorland, heathland, and woodland rides, the habitat mosaic at Knowetop Lochs is a perfect for them. Join us on our Marvellous Moths Morning as we hope to lure some of these bold beauties!

she smells
he smells her

Emperor Mothots by Alison Roberstsons

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