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Peatland Connections, a Crichton Carbon Centre project, was initiated to take the work of CCC out and beyond the partners and stakeholders CCC normally work with. CCC is best known for carbon management and peatland restoration and training, alongside collaborations with government agencies, private landowners and farmers, NGO partner organisations, and the forestry sector, to better support sustainable land management practices. 

The Crichton Carbon Centre is committed to repairing nature, inspiring action, and keeping carbon where it belongs. 


Peatland Connections  

Peatland Connections, a three-year funded project concluding December 2023, was part of the wider Galloway Glens Landscape Partnership scheme.  


Embracing Natural Capital, biodiversity and cultural values, the Crichton Carbon Centre, with Galloway Glens, wanted a project that was creative and innovative in its approach and able to communicate with new audiences - alongside project partners and stakeholders - about peat and climate change, peatlands, and sustainable/non-sustainable land use.   


Reaching out into wider communities across the region, Peatland Connections extended the reach of CCC’s peatland work, taking it beyond those directly connected to peatlands. Through arts and sciences approaches, Peatland Connections created a series of actions, events, and conversation pieces with local communities, stakeholders, policy makers, and the environmental sector to increase appreciation and understandings of these rare and vital landscapes. 


Peatland Connections was curated and produced by Kerry Morrison.  


Our Funders 

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Peatland Connections project area in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway

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