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A journey led by the arts

Late in July we had an experiential journey thorough the peatlands at Knowtops Loch. The artists leading the day are Dr Kerry Morrison, Socio Environmental Artist and sound artist Helmut Lemke.

To inhabit peatlands in a different way the participants were asked to spend time on their own using all of their senses to really experience all there is to experience around them. By becoming still and immersing themselves fully in the process the group engaged with the landscape in a different way. Noticing the previously unnoticed, hearing the previously unheard and challenging their view both physically and metaphorically.

Something happens when you allow yourself to become still and be at one with nature. You allow a deeper connection to emerge, it's hard to ignore the tiny little details as you relax into the peaceful ebb and flow of nature.

We have all found a certainty and comfort in nature over the last few years almost a return to ourselves. As the participants came slowly back to the starting point they were asked to communicate through their experience of the event.

I've added a few of the artworks created on the day. What do you think?

Would you like to take part in a future event? Get in touch to make sure you hear about the upcoming workshops and events we have planned.

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