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Peatland Connections will bring people together from different communities; scientists, biological recorders, land managers, schools, artists, local communities and agencies to explore their interests in and use of peatlands.


We will be holding workshops and online events over the course of the project. Workshops will be both indoor and outdoor events and will be led by experts in the field from archaeologists to environmental artists. 

All of our events will be promoted on social media (Instagram + Facebook @peatlandconnectionsTwitter @peatconnections on).


Come along and join us on the journey. 


Discovering your peatlands at Knowetop Lochs

Come and join us on an experiential peatland journey at Knowetop Lochs. The event is taking place next Tuesday and tickets can be reserved by pressing the link above for Eventbrite

This is a free, safe and interactive event led by peatland connections with environmental artist Dr Kerry Morrison, sound artist Helmut Lemke and the Crichton Carbon Centre. 

For further details contact

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